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The Black Austin Coalition (BAC) is a conglomerate of black owned businesses, organizations, community members and city leaders in Austin, TX. We commit to rectifying the ills of white supremacy and institutional racism. Together we will rebuild a thriving Black District and Economy. The catalyst for this cause will be a Black Embassy!​

What is a Black Embassy?

A center that offers empowerment, protection, assets, business incubation and stimulation, financial assistance & investments, land development, education, healthcare, self-sustainability, essential resources and tourism for those affected by the City of Austin's 1928 Master Plan, native Black Austinites, descendants of the Austin Negro District and Blacks that migrate to Austin with the purpose of participating in installing an African American led Planned Unit Development.

Our Partners

Austin Area Urban League

Six Square

Austin Justice Coalition


African American Youth Harvest Foundation

BIG Austin

Huston Tilloston University


Black Leaders Collective

Austin Revitalization Authority

Greater East Austin Youth Association

George Washington Carver Museum

Jump On It


and more to be announced…


Our Vision

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